OED Studio

Who we Are ?

OED Studio is the company where A-Z work of your place can be done. As Finishiny a Home is the Dream for every individual, through OED Studio your dreams can be easily Fulfilled within your Budget.

You can Get your Interior and elevations Done by doorstep consultation. We are Celebrating our 10th Anniversary with a spectacular crew and Customer Satisfaction.

OED Studio aspires to be one of top 10  in Egypt. We constantly work hard to be Egypt’s leading company.

Our Mission :

We creating projects in our unique one-of-a-kind style, we aim to become one of the best international design Studio. Our team of experts from a wide variety of areas make dreams of a luxurious and comfortable life come true.
The art of living in OED Studio can be described as the manifesto of individuality, ongoing creative search and modern view on heritage. We create a new quality of life by providing our clients with a sense of exclusivity for many years forward. From the beginning of the design project to the furniture production, we design a luxurious lifestyle, offering a unique method of working with the customer and high-quality service.
Our concept of the group is based on three key elements, including inner growth, the principle of “interior as art” and diverse creative approach. We follow global trends, draw inspiration from the world of fashion and design, and expand the geography of our projects.
Our success defines our vision of modern luxury in a global perspective, the quality of services and the responsible creative approach of our team. It allows us to achieve new goals with every new project and become a part of the design of the future.

Our Slogan : Your Desire We Design